IJN Systems - Insure Jewelry Now


IJN Systems is a technology company that has licensed the patent pending automated insurance technology system to Sonic Insurance Agency and Hallberg Insurance Network. These insurance agencies have contracts with quality insurance carriers to offer personal jewelry policies through the automated insurance system. These insurance policies usually cover loss, theft, mysterious disappearance and in the event of a claim, the carrier recommends the customer return to the jewelry store for a replacement of like kind and quality jewelry to the customer’s satisfaction. IJN Systems and the insurance carriers deeply care about the relationship between the customer and the retail jewelry store and do not refer the customer to a third party replacement service.

By partnering with IJN Systems, Sonic Insurance Agency and Hallberg Insurance Network is able to market top rated insurance coverage at the point-of-sale through an automated process. Within minutes, through the automated system, customers never have any paperwork to fill out and no additional forms to send in. Once completed, customers will have peace of mind knowing their purchase is safe and secure with a personal jewelry policy from a top rated insurance company, before they leave the store. Other automated methods are available to assist the customer and shows your customers that your store cares about them after the purchase.

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