IJN Systems - Insure Jewelry Now


Generate additional income for your business.
  • IJN Systems pays your store a connection fee based upon the volume of appraisals and customer insurance purchases through the insurance kiosk.
  • Conservative projections anticipate additional connection fee income upwards of $5,000 to $10,000 per year.
  • Jeweler Paid automated insurance allows your store to pay for the insurance on behalf of the customer as a sales incentive or sales closing tool, increasing sales.
  • Coming Soon: New Appraisal Update Module allows your sales staff to sell appraisal updates to your customers as a new revenue source which increases yearly as more appraisals are issued.

    Enhance Customer Relationships and Increase Sales.
  • Immediate jewelry insurance and digital appraisal storage greatly increases customer service.
  • Customers feel safe and secure with full insurance before leaving the store.
  • During the claims process, insurance claims personnel request the customer to return to your store to handle the replacement of the missing jewelry.

    Appraisal and Insurance Information is Safe and Secure.
  • The appraisal and insurance policy data is securely stored, only accessible by your store and the insurance agency, assuring your customers complete security for personal data utilizing industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption and redundancy.

    Easily Manage Your Appraisals.
  • Easy access to appraisals by store appraiser or chain appraiser.
  • Quick access to pending work in progress appraisals for finalization.
  • View up to the minute information on appraisals issued and connection fees earned.
  • Import of old appraisals and appraisal databases into the IJN System available upon request.

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