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Since 2001 IJN Systems, formally known as Insure Jewelry Now, has been committed to creating the first and only automated appraisal and insurance system for retail stores. IJN allows retail stores help their customers obtain personal jewelry insurance at the point-of-sale. Through careful research and years of market testing, we have designed a patent pending system that will revolutionize the way jewelers and consumers think about and purchase insurance for jewelry.

Created by jewelers for jewelers, the IJN Systems solution was designed to support the relationship between the retail jeweler and the customer, enhancing the relationship through top rated insurance and superior customer service.

Patents, Pending Patents, and Licensing the IJN System

IJN Systems has licensed the intellectual property, business methods, and computer applications that are the substance of one issued patent and several pending patents assigned to Diamond Inspector, Inc., the corporate holding company for Mr. Peter Malnekoff. By licensing the assets of Diamond Inspector, Inc., and all relevant business relationships, IJN has gained the exclusive rights to develop and put into the marketplace a point-of-sale personal jewelry insurance sales system.

IJN Systems is available to discuss licensing, joint ventures and mutual marketing opportunities. We are pleased to present the issued US patent and patent pending legal advisory letters for your review.

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“As long as you depend on the statistical aggregates we now call information, you’ll know a good deal about your products, a good deal about your services, and not a blessed thing about your customers.”
- Peter Drucker

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Key Points for the Jewelry Industry:
  1. Customer relationships make the jewelry industry what it has been, and what it will be
  2. Reinvent what you do best
  3. To grow your business, offer your customer new services to advance the purchase process
  4. Partner with your key suppliers that offer the greatest innovations that help you help your customer purchase from your store

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